Strong growth potential expected for Terrace EC

History of the developer Kheng Leong Company responsible for development of the Terrace EC was incorporated in 1949 and began its international operations with Spice Trading Company. Over time the company has developed and kept pace with the business trends venture in real estate and property development.

Terrace potential
The region surrounding the Terrace is developing very fast and is among the most sought after location with many planned future upcoming projects such as the Punggol Waterfront District, Punggol Creative Cluster, Waterway point and Learning corridor and other projects geared towards improving the connectivity of the area and the environment. With all the outlined developments by the Government of Singapore the Punggol and Sengkang can expect a vibrant growth in future and hence consider owning a unit of their own at the terrace EC . We can look into for direct Terrace EC developer contacts.

Four hundred and twenty two of the Nine hundred and fifty seven hectare of Punggol land has been designated for residential use with the remaining being allocated to school, transport networks and religious purposes.

Other plans to develop Punggol include introduction of a waterfront market village that will border the coney channel to the south, expansion of the current Town centre to create Punggol Downtown that will include the civic spaces, creative cluster that will host commercial activities and learning corridor that will accommodate education institutions.
With the Punggol shaping up steadily to become the most demanded location for housing in Singapore. The Terrace offers the best opportunity for residential home seekers as this Waterfront town is giving a variety of residential housing giving easy accessibility to social amenities recreational spaces and parks. Many developments have a focus to bring more convenience to residents living within Punggol and ensuring availability of waterfront leisure to the Punggol residents. This will include new waterfront housing district that are meant to be spread all over across town, starting with Matilda District which will host the historic Matilda House and storey built walkways that will connect the residents to the sea outwards situated in the Northshore District

Punggol Town Hub that will bring together community developments such as hawker centre, community centre and community library both situated within the town centre. Punggol Town Square that will host all the activities involving the community. Waterway point a shopping centre adjacent to Punggol MRT station. The new polyclinic that will be built along Punggol Drive and the Bright hill nursing home at Punggol Field that will be easily accessed by LRT. With the growing population it will be necessary for additional primary schools to be put up to cater for the growing needs of the residents.
Punggol Waterfront Mall the first of its kind to be built in Singapore will offer a lifestyle experience and fresh retail adding leisure and convenience to the Waterfront Town. It will comprise of cinema with a seating capacity of over one thousand occupants, dining centers, shopping and entertainment centers. Other institutions to benefit the residents will include community amenities including library, banks and civic.

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